To all my beautiful brides to be,

My name is Magaly Eyraud, I am behind all the MagsCraftedVeils creations. My passion for design has always been in me. My path to become a bridal designer came in when my sister was getting married. She was having a hard time deciding on a perfect veil and as well all were overpriced. As a sister I stepped and offered to make it for her. She knew I have never made a veil, but she believed in me and I must say I was impressed with the outcome. And so was everyone else. Life changes you in so many ways. I was a recent bride in September 2017 I know the feeling of stress and anxiety planning a wedding can give someone. This is why my team and I do what we do. I create gorgeous veils at affordable prices to share my passion for design, to help the women in need that see that perfect veil but can't afford it. I was that bride and now I'm here offering my beautiful creations to all you beautiful ladies.

Thank you loves!

"Ps. My sister and first veil I created side by side"


MCV Collections

Iced Blusher

Hand Crafted veil. With a beautiful embroidery design


Rose White

3D Beauty Cathedral length. Admiring quality roses and hand crafted for perfection.


Invisible Beauty 

Adorable blusher. Hand Crafted with vibrant trim and ghosted blusher.

Lace Lover